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Founded in 1977, Manumag S.L. is leading a company group located in Muel (Spain) which manufactures and commercializes a vast range of low voltage transformers. We are strongly consolidated throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Hispano America, promoting a continuous growth that has allowed a new factory opening with a productive space of 6000 m2 at the beginning of 2007.

Our production is specialized in control, insulation and medical equipment, safety and lighting single-phase and three?phase transformers, single?phase and three?phase autotransformers, electronic stabilizers, power supply units and other related products. All of them are developed according to our target consisted of creating high quality goods under European standards in order to satisfy our customers needs and requirements.

Manumag S.L. has implemented a Quality Management System based on rationalizing processes and methods, searching employees motivation and training, being conscious of environment and working risks to achieve an efficient and competitive enterprise. In this way, the ISO 9001:2008. certification has been obtained.

Single-phase isolation transformers
Single-phase transformers for medical locations
Single-phase safety transformers
Safety transformers for swimming pool lighting
Step up-down single-phase autotransformers
Step up-down III-phase autotransformers

III-phase transformers

Power supply units for control systems

Automatic voltage regulators